Saturday, 27 April 2013

Skilled Worker Program..Quebec

Important points for Quebec Skilled Worker Program are appended for your information:

French Proficiency

Some applicants may qualify with low French proficiency depending on their other qualifications.

A single applicant must score at least 55 points and an applicant with a spouse or common-law partner must score at least 63 points. The points are awarded to the applicants with university degrees and college degrees or to those with technical or vocational diplomas. High school level diplomas with technical or vocational components can be awarded high points. Not only this, the points are also awarded to the applicants who have obtained a diploma or certificate related to occupations that are in demand in Quebec.

Point for Spouse and Children

This Program takes into account both the principal applicant’s qualifications and those of his/her spouse. This program awards points for the spouse/partner including Education, Area of Training, Work, Experience, Age, and French Language Proficiency. Applicants can also obtain points for their children.

An applicant can qualify under any occupation. At present, all occupations are open and a job offer from a Canadian employer is not required to be eligible.

Successful candidates are first issued a Quebec Selection Certificate and then a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. 

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Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

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