Friday, 3 May 2013

Canada, PR Cases

These are clients who want to settle in Canada permanently and can eventually apply for
Citizenship while in Canada.

Client should have minimum of 1 year of work experience in a category listed by Canadian

IELTS (General) is mandatory with a min. score of 6.0 in each module.

Clients are assessed on various criteria’s such as

Language Ability (English and/or French): Valid test are IELTS, CELPIP, TCF and DELF

Adaptability: Work/Study in Canada, Relatives in Canada or Arranged Employment from

Canadian Employer

Potential clients for PR cases include people from Health Care field (Nurses, Doctors,
Physiotherapists…), Engineers, Accountants, Managers from professional field etc.

Applying for PR in Quebec, Canada

If you know English as well as French, you may be eligible to apply for Quebec

IELTS for English, TCF/DELF is required for French.

Clients are assessed in same criteria as above.

Occupations in Demand are:

Nurses (Bsc or GNM), MBA, Bsc/Msc in Chemistry or Biochemistry, Diploma in Business

Management/Chemical Engg./Civil Engg etc.

Applying for PR under Manitoba PNP program

If a client has Family member, Relative or Friend in Manitoba who can sponsor client, the client
can apply for PR under Manitoba PNP program.

Sponsor should be staying in Manitoba for at least 1 year.

Client needs to have min 1 year of work experience (any field) and will be assessed on various
criteria such as:


Work Experience

Language Ability (English and/or French): Valid test are IELTS(General), CELPIP, TCF and

(Min IELTS required is 5.0 in each module)

Adaptability: Work/Study in Canada, Relatives in Canada.

Applying for PR under Saskatchewan PNP program
Following categories are in demand under this PNP program.




Construction Labourer





Truck Drivers

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