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Courses conducted in English in CFER, Russia

Hereby Omegastudyabroad giving you the information about some of the non-Medicine related degree courses we can offer your students for the coming Feb 2015 spring semester. All the below are English medium programs.. IELTS / TOEFL not required.
Application deadline: 25th November, 2014
Classes start: 7th February, 2015
1.      Bachelor in Management (TPU)
6 months - $3273 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 5th years - $3575 / year

2.      Bachelor in Information Technology (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3273 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 5th years - $4767/ year

3.       Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months$3273 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 4th year - $3178 / year

4.       Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3273 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 5th years - $4767 / year

1.       Masters in Electrical Engineering (High-Voltage Physics and Engineering(TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 3rd year - $5429

2.       Masters in Electronics and Nanoelectronics (Electronic Devices and Facilities) (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $
3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 3rd year - $5429

3.       Masters in Material Science (Computer Simulation of Material production, Processing and Treatment) (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 3rd year - $5429

4.       Masters in Material Science (Non-Destructive Testing Devices and Techniques) (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 3rd year - $5429

5.       Masters in Informatics & Computer Science (Networks and Communications) (TPU)
Tuition fees:
6 months - $3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 3rd year - $5429

6 months - $3401 (Preparatory course)
2nd – 4th year - $5429
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
·       Geometry and Topology
·       Mechanics of Deformable Solids
·       Mechanics of Fluids and Plasma
·       Dynamics and Durability of Machinery
·       Tools and Methods of Experimental Physics
·       Theoretical Physics
·       Physical Electronics
·       Physics of Condensed Matter
·       Plasma Physics
·       Semiconductor Physics
·       Thermal Physics and Theoretical Combustion Engineering
·       Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
·       Chemical Physics, Combustion and Explosion, Physics of the Critical State of Matter
·       Crystallography and Crystal Physics
·       Physics of Charged Particle Beams and Accelerating Equipment

Chemical Sciences
·         Analytical chemistry
·         Organic chemistry
·         Physical chemistry

Biological Sciences
·         Ecology (chemical, energy, building)

Engineering Sciences
·         Engineering Science, Drive Systems and Machine Elements
·         Physicotechnical Treatment and Machining Technology and Equipment
·         Welding, Related Processes and Technologies
·         Methods of Control and Diagnostics in Mechanical Engineering
·         Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
·         Standardization and Product Quality Control
·         Electromechanics and Electric Devices
·         Electrotechnical Materials and Products
·         Electrical Engineering Systems
·         Lighting Engineering and Light Sources
·         Power Electronics
·         Measuring Devices and Methods (measuring of electric and magnetic quantities)
·         Navigation Devices
·         Testing Devices and Methods of Natural Environment, Substances, Materials and Products
·         Metrology and Metrological Assurance
·         Medical Devices, Systems and Products
·         Systems Analysis, Data Management and Processing
·         Computing Hardware and Control Systems
·         Engineering and Production Automation and Control (in heat and power engineering)
·         Mathematical Software for Computing Machines, Computer Systems and Networks
·         Mathematical Simulation, Numerical Computing and Software Systems
·         Information Security Products and Systems
·         Electric Power Plants and Electric Systems
·         Design, Operation and Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
·         Industrial Heat and Power Engineering
·         High Voltage Engineering
·         Thermal Power Plants, Grids and Generating Units
·         Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals and Alloys
·         Powder Metallurgy and Composites
·         Rare, Scattered and Radioactive Elements Technology
·         Organic Matter Technology
·         Engineering of Chemical Fuels and High-Energy Materials
·         Processes and Devices of Chemical Engineering
·         Silicate and Refractory Non-Metal Materials Technology
·         Fire and Industrial Safety (power, mining, oil and gas, chemical, mechnical engineering, woodworking, transport)

·         Economics
·         Economics and National Economics Management (including economics, industrial engineering and management, regional economy, management, innovation management, wildlife management economics, land management)

·         General and Regional Geology
·         Petrology, Volcanology
·         Mineralogy, Crystallography
·         Groundwater Hydrology
·         Engineering Geology, Geocryology, Pedology
·         Geochemistry, Geochemical Methods of Exploration
·         Geophysics, Geophysical Methods of Exploration
·         Geology and Exploration of Solid Minerals, Mineralogy
·         Geology and Exploration of Oil-and-Gas Fields
·         Exploration, Engineering and Technology
·         Drilling Technology and Well Completion
·         Applied Mining and Reservoir Geology, Geophysics, Mine Survey and Mineral Resource Geometry
·         Oil and Gas Field Development and Operation
·         Land Management, Cadastre and Monitoring
·         Environmental Geology 

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