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Georgia, a low budget and hassle free Admission and Visa Study Destination in Europe

Georgia is a study destination in Europe where international students enjoy low tuition fees and living costs. The cost of living in Georgia is low and affordable, within $300 to $500 every month inclusive of food and accommodation. Tuition Fees vary from institution to institution but generally range from $2500 to $3000 for under graduation and is about $4000 for post graduation.
Georgia is a transcontinental country which means it is situated between Europe and Asia and continues to balance its relations between Russia and the EU. It is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, and is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi.
Georgia is a good study option for students who are interested in a rich cultural experience besides a low budget foreign education! Also, the application process and visa application is very easy in Georgia. Generally, higher educational institutions allow candidates to register for an application form online.
In most universities, foreign students are admitted on the basis of an interview, and only a few universities require IELTS in order to follow a degree programme taught in English. Usually, only an official document from your school attesting your understanding level of English speaking as acceptable is sufficient.
Universities request these documents for application:
  • Online Application form
  • The learning agreement (Register Form) –a list that includes the chosen courses
  • Photocopy of the identification pages of your passport
  • One passport size photo
  • A transcript of records which shows your leaning achievements from your home school/university
For more information, you can visit the National Assessment and Examination Centre of Georgia:
On being admitted to a degree programme, Universities issue the following documents: Admission, Invitation letter of study, Accommodation letter & the Visa. Since it is E-Invitation & E-visa international Students are not required to go to the embassy for visa. International Students can fly into Georgia with their passport, and the above mentioned documents.
For Visa application students have to send the following documents to their university:
  • Passport
  • Document that verifies your legal stay in Georgia
  • Invitation issued by the university where you study or a certificate issued by the university
  • Documents showing your legal financial sources to manage your expense in Georgia
  • Two passport size photographs.
Georgia is a unique study abroad destination, especially for students who want to avoid massive crowds of the more popular international study locations. The education system in Georgia is continually developing and attracts more foreign students to enrol in universities every year. Candidates can choose from a great variety of study options such as: business administration, travel and tourism, marketing and PR, computer science, or social science.
Specialised medicine universities offer unique opportunities to foreign students. Graduates from these institutions can easily apply for any position in health care system centres. Interested applicants can choose the language of instruction, between Russian and English and they must pass a special exam that covers four major subjects: biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry.
Scholarship opportunities for studying in Georgia include:
  • government scholarships
  •  private funds
  •  college scholarship

The official Georgian language is a Kartvelian language, which is used in most of the Georgian universities or high institutions as a primary language of instruction. There are some universities that offer English and Russian courses, designed specifically for international students. In most institutions students can join preparatory courses in order to learn the Georgian language before pursuing the first year courses.
Medicine faculties in Georgia require students to have good knowledge of either Russian or English.
List of Georgian Universities

Agricultural University of Georgia

Omega Consultants
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