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Opportunities in Education , Poland ..

Opportunities for Internships/Transfer to European countries and America
Universities in Poland like the Poznan School of Hotel Management has established cooperation agreement between universities in the United Kingdom and the United States, thereby recognizing the credits of courses completed in any participating Polish university. Polish universities also arranged in the United Kingdom, Greece, Switzerland, Australia, the United States those internships be paid. This is not only for additional income but also for possible employment and development opportunity.
Opportunities for a global educational experience
Students who study in Europe can also study and spend 6-12 months in partner Universities: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, and many other countries at no additional cost. This is a great opportunity for those students who want to experience other countries but are unable to get admission directly.
Residence Permit after completion of education
Non EU and EEA citizens must apply for a long term visa at their local Polish consulate. The certificate of enrollment is required. The visa is valid for no longer than 12 months and must be revalidated in a local Voivodship Office. The visa allows to stay in Poland, and, for the first three months also to visit the other Schengen Agreement member countries. The prolongation of visa may occur only in exceptional circumstances. The general rule is, in the case of the planned extension of the period of stay in Poland over the period specified in the visa, to apply for residence permit. In order to acquire the permit, international students must have a valid health insurance policy and enough money to cover the costs of stay and return travel to the country of origin.
Age Requirements for Study in Poland
Hotel management: 18 –30 years old; graduating from high school or equivalent;
Other professional applications: 18-27 years old graduating from high school or equivalent..
Ample Opportunities for entertainment, relaxation and a rich cultural experience
There are great cinema theatres, museums, gyms and swimming pools, clubs and pubs. The entry fee to these places is not always high either. There are discounts for students in most places too.
Poland provides an enriching cultural experience to incoming students worldwide. It   is full of historical landmarks, beautiful landscapes, city life and a variety of social activities.

Low Crime Rate
The crime rate in Poland is much lower than in EU countries, and significantly lower than in the USA. This applies to most kinds of crime, including murders, car theft, rapes and robberies. The safety level is high.
The educational system of Poland offers high-quality and comprehensive educational services. The quality of education system in Poland is assured by the State Accreditation Committee. This is the watchdog for all higher educational institutions in Poland. The university education system in Poland has existed for more than 650 years and continues to educate talented professionals. Universities in Poland have retained the rich traditions and values of their predecessor.
It is evident that a growing number of Polish professionals have found high-ranking jobs with various multi-nationals in different parts of the world. Today, we are seeing a spurt in the number of Polish professionals who are recruited by various companies in different parts of the world. Polish architects, engineers, doctors and even IT specialists are much appreciated and the global job market has experienced a surge in the number of Polish graduates who come well prepared and compete with others.
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