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Poland is gaining a lot of popularity with Students! Don’t miss out…

Poland is gaining a lot of popularity with Students! Don’t miss out…
Poland is a modern and dynamic country full of opportunities for young people who want an international educational experience. With over 1.9 million students, Poland boasts of the highest scholarization indices in Europe. Each year almost half a million young people from the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavian and other European and Asian countries begin their education at Polish universities and colleges. Geographically situated between Europe and Russia, it acts as the perfect place to start one’s journey towards Europe. Universities of Poland offer various courses to international students and hence never fail to attract them every year. Those keen on pursuing their research and higher studies in Europe, can very well start with Poland since its educational standards are at par with any other country of the continent.

Polish universities are constantly upgrading themselves to suit the demands and needs of the day. The degrees offered by them are recognized in the European Union (EU) as well as in other countries such as the USA, Australia and Canada. A solid base in a Polish university gives you a strong base for studying in any university elsewhere in the world.
Why should I study in Poland?
·         Worldwide recognized quality education: American curriculum, international standard and courses are taught in English
·         Poland is a European Union Member country
·         Schengen Country visa allows you to travel to 26 member countries
·         ECTS :European Credit Transfer System allows you to take transfer to study in any EU country
·         Extended residence permission after graduation
·         Save 1 year in Engineering : Bachelors-3 years Masters 1.5 to 2 years
·         Settlement option is available (Blue Card). Work full-time.
·         No TOEFL,  IELTS REQUIRED if education has been in English medium
·         Over 36,000 students came to Poland in 2014
·         Various scholarships were offered such as GE foundation
·         Only country which showed growth and remained stable during the recession
·         Part time jobs and paid internships

Advantages of Studying in Poland

Cost of living is low in Poland as compared other European countries.
 An amount of 200-250 USD is enough to cover accommodation charges, food and travel expenses. Tuition fee in Polish universities is also low as compared to that of other places in the EU. A yearly tuition fee is around 1000 USD- 4000 USD. Course such as medicine and engineering fall under the more expensive category where yearly tuition fee is around 4000 USD. Hotel management course fees might go above 5000 USD which is however balanced out by the salary which the students earn during their internships.
Visa procedures are simple and economical. No visa interview required.

Applicants who apply to Public universities, the visa approval would take usually two to three months. While those who wish to attend Private universities the visa procedures normally takes three months for approval. Moreover, Visa requirements of fixed deposits in banks require only 3,000 US dollars, without any restrictions.

Working in Poland: Part –time jobs

In Polish cities it's easy for a student to find a part-time job. The wages increase systematically; so many Polish students choose paid studies and start working. However, the permission to work in Poland depends on your country of origin. Non-EU citizens enrolled as regular, full-time studies in Poland are allowed to work in July, August and September. For the rest of the year a work permit is needed. A work permit can be granted but only if no EU citizen is found to fill the vacancy. Formalities must be done by the employer. International students are not allowed to work on a student visa basis only. Students who have residence permits in Poland are entitled to work without authorization.

Easy Acces to Germany and other European countries

Germany offers handsome job opportunities in various sectors and thus many pass outs from Polish universities apply to German companies for work. The culture and environment in the two countries is similar and thus students will not find it difficult to adjust. Poland acts as the entry point of Germany and other European countries since it is also easy to get visa for these places from Poland.

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